Great Teacher Onizuka

2009-01-09 00:29:06 by DariusR

I love this anime.

Great Teacher Onizuka


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2009-01-09 03:36:17

Then you'll love the TV Drama Series.

Only 12 one hour long episodes...but I feel it captures the moment better cause it's more realistic. Not those cheesy anime effects. The Drama makes it seem like Onizuka actually was real.

Episode 1 RK9Nk

There are "slight" differences...but the "Heart" of the anime is still there.


2009-01-09 15:36:59

i finished watching it just a few days i want mooooorrreee!!
it's so cool.


2009-01-09 16:51:38

hes giving you the Finger


2009-01-11 05:23:27

Hey, do you know you can watch it On Demand? If you have Comcast?

DariusR responds:

Or better yet, Youtube. That's where I'd rather watch it...


2009-01-18 01:16:55

anime is lame


2009-02-03 18:09:46

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DariusR responds:

wtf? you're still around?


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