Entry #22

Updates about my life

2013-12-29 15:23:56 by DariusR

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I established myself as a sprite animator on this website. I was an insufferable 13 year old. Now things have changed and I am older. I'm 21 and I'm about to graduate university, with a degree in something completely different (physics). My passion for animation and comedy hasn't changed, however, and in the past few years I've been interested in creating my own original characters and drawings. It's been mildly successful but I don't have a lot of free time so I disappear sometimes for literally years. It'll probably have the same pattern as I go off and get my PhD somewhere.

Regardless, when I DO come out with a new animation, it's slightly different from my previous ones. I like to experiment, I guess. My first drawn one was really, really bad. I like to say I've gotten better, but it's up to you guys to decide.

To all my friends on this site, thanks for all your support throughout the years. Most of us probably have or are considering careers, but I spent a good chunk of my childhood doing this, and I would do it all over again.



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2013-12-29 16:41:56



2014-01-01 18:34:05

Woah hey!! I missed ya man. Crazy, I just did an interview and I talked about ya. Glad to see you back! :D

DariusR responds:

DUDE YOSHI! You're awesome. Srsly. And thanks, although my internet presence is very unreliable these days...workin' on it tho


2014-11-13 07:52:15

Congrats, you're the User of the Day. Good luck in the future.


2015-02-27 16:20:23

Will you working on SMB: The Key Grab 3?