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I don't like my site :(

2008-01-18 17:07:01 by DariusR

I've had a site for a while...but it's on hiatus. Do you think I should continue it...here's the link:

http://theevolutionmovement.sitesled.c om

It has some gay shit on it...but whatever. Gimmie your opinion.

I'm gonna give up spamming the front page with /b/ images, so instead I'll talk about things about my life, because that's how much you care.

So this past winter break has been very counterproductive, I've done nothing literally except for lurk the BBS, and I think my post count has exponentially grown.

I've made about 120 posts since winter break (which has been about 8 days), and 740 since my sign up date at 12/24/04 (which has been almost 3 years).

If you take the log base 10 of 120 and subtract it from the log base 10 of 740, you get a rational number of 7.9923..etc, give or take .00001. Now by squaring it, I get .63877, and if I subtract the two digits, I get 7.2435. Now if I take the natural log of that (ln) I get 1.980. Now if you take the original period between my sign up date and 2007 winter break, you get 3 years right? My age (15) minus 3 = 12. If you take the square root of 12, you get 3.4641, and by dividing that by 2, you get 1.73205 which is about 0.2 difference from the natural log of 7.2435. And you know what else is funny? 120 (my posts from winter break until now) divided by 600 = 0.2!!!!!!

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Honestly, if that doesn't make any sense,

You're wrong. :D